Monday, January 4, 2010

Are they around us all the time?? you think that Ghosts/Spirits are around us all the time for no particular reason?  Like they are just wandering around?  Do you think that they can make a choice where they want to go? If I go shopping are they really all around me? Could they be attached to someone around and therefore we would be constantly surrounded by them at work, shopping, movies, etc?  I am really not asking this to be silly...I am curious! As we are curious about them couldn't they be just as curious about us?

If they are around us all the time, why don't people have more paranormal experiences? or do they and dismiss them as just nothing? 

If they are around us all the time..what do we look like to them?  Do we look like ghosts to they not realize they are dead and actually think we are the ones that are dead? Can they feel, smell and touch?  Can they pick up on our feelings? 

Do we scare them? People think of ghosts or a haunted location and tend to get scared...I am not saying everyone ..but people tend to be scared of the unseen frightens them.  What if they are confused and lost and don't understand where they are or what they are doing?  What if their attemps to communicate are scary to us but not meant to be scary by them...what if it saddens them that they can't communicate how they may have in life?

Well...I know..a lot of questions.

Till next time...Chellie


  1. I am commenting on both posts Chellie. first of all, I feel that spirit energies can be around us. But since they are in another plane of existence.. we may not notice them just as they may not be able to see us. I think people need to be very intuitive or in the right state of mind to pick up on those signs.
    On the topic of seeing things that may be paranormal, or could simply be our imagination.. I know that both can easily happen. There was a time that I truly thought I saw a tarantula on my ex husbands pillow... I had just woke up and he was going to work.. my mind was obviously playing tricks on me because as I froze in bed and stared at it, the tarantula slowly faded away. Believe me though... I was so scared because it looked totally REAL !!!
    But I have also experienced other incedents in which I feel strongly that my brother was trying to communicate. Mostly sounds or something electrical like lights or cell phone going off at an unusual time.

  2. What place of existence would they be in?